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I purchased three dresses from Dillards. Two were purchased in store and one was purchased online. The dresses were for children and they did not fit. I returned them to a store in Arlington, Texas, I had both receipts.

The first sales clerk assisted me in returning the two dresses that were purchased in store without a problem. The problem was the dress purchased online and she did not know how to process the return. I waited for almost an hour at the counter, when a manger came up and started questioning both returns. Two policeman came up behind me and asked if I would go with them to the back of the store they needed to speak with me about a shop lifting complaint.

I was mortified when I explained the situation and produced both receipts they let me go after a lengthy discussion with the store manager. It appears when an item is returned it goes against the clerk who originally sold you the item, and that sales clerk had worked earlier that day. Dillards was accusing me of having returned the dresses earlier in the day then stealing the same dresses and trying to return them a second time to the same store on the same day.

They apologized and escorted me out of the store. I called in a complaint to the corporate head quarters and the response was that it was a simple mistake on Dillards behalf.

So how's that for customer service?

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Similar thing happened to me and my boyfriend right in front of our kids!! Except we had not yet purchased the items.

We had them in our hands, PLIAN AS DAY and were arrested for shoplifting!! I have never stolen anything and cannot believe they are allowed to treat people this way!!! Seems like their "quota" is more important than justice or making sure they don't accuse innocent people! What's sad is that we had just spent $700 at another register just prior to the incident!

So they'd rather lose a spending customer than say they are wrong! PATHETIC!

to ChrisiMarie #628358

Tags were on all the merchandise. In fact dillards corporate office was so mortified as to what occured when i filed a complaint they sent me gift card for their associates error. I donated it to Mission Arlington i have not bought another thing from Dillards since then, I also received an apology from the police.


Receipts are great but doesn't dillards use proof of purchase labels? Let me guess...you conveniently "lost" your tags? If you used proof of purchase tags the Dillards computer system would notify them if that tag was previously returned!

Trust me, I'm no fan of Dillards and their treatment of associates but it sounds to me as though you probably are a thief and instead of accepting responsibility for your actions you are looking to make someone else the "responsible" party!


sounds like human error. sounds like you are being a normal over-sensative *** looking to be treated like a god instead of a human being.

Or maybe you are perfect in every way?

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