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I believe that most of the employees are under stress because of the "sales quotas" that are imposed by Dillard's. They increase the wages and then they give unrealistics amounts to sell.

If you dont make the sales quota then they add them to your next day. If people returns what you sold then it gets also added to your quota. So now you have the quota for yesterday the return item's and the unrealistic sale quota for today. If you dont meet their expectations then they decrease your hourly wages.

You can't get sick and if you do even with the doctors note they make you sign the absentee paper and it goes against you. Even when you call ahead of time it doesnt matter. What I wonder is why the Labor department is not investigation Dillard's? I firmly believe that Dillard'sis breaking the law.

Their policies are in place to protect Dillards and not the employees. Hence the reason why the sales asociates are under stress. Things need to change or Dillards will be losing a lot of customers to other department stores.

I only agree in one thing they do have amazing prices. The sales prices are very reasonable.

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West Bloomfield Township, Michigan, United States #1305958

I am not sure if you are an employee of Dillard's or a concerned customer, but I would like to take a second to clear up a couple of your accusations, if I may.

As an employee myself, the quotas that you are referring to aren't a random number that they impose to make it almost entirely out of reach for most.

There is a formula involved that makes the goal in each department different yet fair. I can assure you, the associates who are truly working to service the customer and do their jobs are the ones who are making their numbers.

You commented on returns, meaning they have to sell that much more. Well of course it would mean that. Otherwise you could just have a friend spend thousands of dollars and return it the next day without consequence, yet get compensated for cheating the system.

Your mentioning on decreasing wages if sales goals aren't met. Back to the formula on the sales quota, they correlate so the quota is based on the wage, that way if an associate cannot make their goal, they lower the goal at a pace they can hopefully keep up with. Why pay Smith the same wage as Susan, if Susan sells 2x more than him?

Your last statement about it counting against you with a doctors note is also false. Those are excused absences.

I have co-workers now who have missed at least one day a week over the past several months and they are still with the company.

I can agree with you that the "sales quota" aspect of it can be a bit stressful, especially when you have a family at home that relies on that check, but that's just the nature of some retailers. That quota is why Dillard's is allowed to compensate its employees so much better than say, Sear's or JCPenny's. I am sure I am a bit biased because I work for the company, but I wouldn't leave Dillard's because of the quota, to be compensated much less doing the same amount of work.

I'm sorry your experience with Dillard's has led you to writing this, but I hope you don't allow that experience ruin Dillard's for you! We hope to see you back in our doors soon!

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