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This store is in Pier Park, Panama City Beach, FL not location on here

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I worked for Dillards for 2 yrs. To make a long story short, I started out making 8.10/hr then got a raise after 2 yrs.

to 9.00/hr then I was written up for not meeting my SPH even though I got a raise (?) I started having more and more health problems. I did explain to my manager I was doing the best I could to make my doctor appts. around my schedule but I was seeing specialists and had to take appts. I was given.

My mgr. was cold about it and said she had to have so many sales people on the floor. started writing me up on bogus things like standing behind the register and not selling which anybody there would tell you was untrue. She put me in a small area with 2 other sales people so I couldn't reach my SPH so again I was written up.

I finally got another job and put in my notice since the atmosphere for me had become very uncomfortable afraid I'd be written up for any *** thing.

I didn't see her when I left that day 2 other ladies under her had put in their notices also. I won't go back to shop there ever!

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Norfolk, Virginia, United States #781499

I've seen Dillards fire people for low numbers on Christmas eve and New Years Day. An associate was terminated because he was $3.00 short of his goal.

They just terminated a long time employee , who just lost both her parents within a six month period. This company is worth 6.9 BILLION annually. They certainly and not putting any of that money into the appearance or advertising for the store. The furniture is dated , dirty looking floors, dressing rooms look dirty.

Policies dont apply to all associates, managers show favoritism between associates. It is not paradise in Dillards.

Mesquite, Texas, United States #634791

I work for Dillards for over 3 years. I would not recommend for anyone to work there for too long, they don't believe in workmans comp. The mangers are there to keep you in line and that's all, the pay is good if you sell, sell, sell but be pre warn the minute you ask too many questions your let go.


I can beat that. I was made to bring a hard working associate back 2 store Mgrs.

Office so we could give her "notice of termination" for poor sales. She was a hard worker and did most anything I needed her to. I was not happy! The next day the operations mgr.

takes her "termination paperwork" and asks the young lady to sign it. Being young, she didn't read everything. He had her sign a resignation paper and are/were fighting her unemployment. Shortly before her last day, I gave notice that I was resigning to accept another job with a different company.

Imagine their surprise when I appeared as a witness for the unemployment claimant and testified that regardless of what she signed, she was indeed terminated! She eventually won and now I'm just waiting to hear if the operations manager that lied under oath will be prosecuted for perjury!


i worked for dillards in loss pervention and i was caghting these guys right and left 4 shoplifting and they fired me becauze i was appprending to meany.And the workker told me of the bull *** they went in there.

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