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I received a Lane recliner for a Christmas present. It was purchased at Dillards in San Antonio.

After 6 months, screws started to fall out of the chair. When I replaced them, they just fell out again.

I complained to D in August. A woman tried to help, but nothing was ever resolved.

Since this was a gift, I have no receipt, but I have the date of the charge and the amount of the charge.

Dillards says they can't find the purchase.

As of today Oct. 14, no one has come out to look at the chair.

BTW, don't buy anything from Lane. I don't think very much of their products.

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San Antonio, Texas, United States #583329

I purchased two identical leather Lane recliners from Dillards approximately 8-10 years ago for the TV room. They've held up beautifully and get used a LOT! They're also way more comfy than the two La-z-boy recliners we have in the family room.


Dillard's is such a class act. After multiple complaints posted on their website about the poor quality of their furniture they took that part of the website down.

When I called their service center about it they said 'We never sold furniture off the website, only in stores, so the decision was made to stop advertising it on the website'. I was one of the consumers who posted a comment and I really don't appreciate their underhanded tactics. I am stuck with a $3000 Bernhardt sectional that is literally decomposing in front of my eyes. I live alone, have no pets, and the sofa is in the middle of the house away from direct sunlight.

There is no reason for the leather to be peeling other than poor craftsmanship. I suggest you buy your furniture anywhere else BUT Dillards.


Dillard's is infamous around the web for robbing people on shipping charges, never offering coupon codes and a generally poor retail experience. Former employees tell me that some brothers own the joint and only care about real estate. I once called customer service and was treated like a dog (sorry, way worse).

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