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Jill Nicholson, Rachel Van Huff, and Monica Bayer are the three most horrific human beings you can imagine. With their lack of decent personality, they roam the store on a not very impressive high horse in which treating employees and customers with respect, courtesy, civility, and reverence is beneath them.

Rather, they focus their attention more on belittling, degrading, and bullying their employees and completely disregarding the customers. Replace these three individuals with the company and find employees to have less resentment and more sales as they will feel respected and worth what they are being compensated for, for their time. Monica Bayer is busy but not so busy that she has to be condescending and rude to employees who encounter her. She is unpleasant and there are many other people more qualified who would be more efficient, respectful, and cost effective.

Replace her and have a more efficient running business. Replace Jill Nicholson and Rachel Van Huff with leaders who have the traits and qualities that make up good leadership. This entails integrity, sociability, and respectfulness towards the employees. Employees will not grant leadership to those individuals who treat them poorly and have their own agendas at heart.

Hire a district manager who can bring passion and authenticity to the table and you will see the store sales rocket through the sky. These individual are replaceable so replace them.

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