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12.8.17 Frustration to the point of tears over a $35 return, and two and a half hours+ of my life I’ll never see again. Don’t let this horribly managed store ruin your day.

There is no excuse on God’s green earth why a simple return should turn into a three-ring circus, with you as the sport! As a local business owner of 25 years, I have taken the time to write this for those who shop at Wiregrass Mall in New Tampa/Wesley Chapel. My issue with them is solved: this is for you. We have many choices as to where we can spend our money.

We can effortlessly order things online from any store, and comparison shop while we do so. No need to take the time to get in our cars and drive to a store where we will be mistreated. I went to return something from the Clarin’s counter that was pricey and did not work as advertised. Two and a half hours later, after being humiliated repeatedly, treated like I was “trying to pull something” and even called names, I left with nothing but….wait for it….a store credit for DIlliard’s!!

Woo- Hoo! Like I’m ever going to use that. There was not one person in the store who knew how to call corporate and make a return without a receipt- a receipt I was told by phone 20 min prior to driving over that I “did not need”. (The actual assistant store manager, Jenny Baretto, admitted the staff was undertrained and so now WE all know how to handle a return at Dillard’s but they still don’t)!

WHY DID IT TAKE 2 HOURS TO EVEN GET A REFUND CARD? This store is dying. The employees are bored and angry: their salary is largely commission. Their inexcusable behavior illustrated this massive discontent, but you can google “Dillards employees” and read employee accounts of how badly they are treated to learn more.

So, in turn, the employees mistreat their customers. I was subjected to nastiness by a woman with black hair and no name tag or common sense at the Clarin’s counter, as my usual contact (a real sweet lady) was unavailable and busy giving a makeover. After dealing with the nameless lady with the black hair (yes, she refused to give her name), I asked for the General Manager of the store. A man who falsely identified himself as “the manager of the store”, a fellow who looks to be about 19, appeared.

He was nasty, mocking, snide, rude and above all, impotent. He didn’t know a thing about returns, customer service, or common decency. His name is Andre’ Giles, He finally sent me with a store credit to the customer service desk (after about two hours of bickering about nonsense- I spend enough money there, I’m recognized by the people I usually work with), I was given a store credit and told to go upstairs to “Gift Wrapping”, where the clerk would put the money back on my card. The Customer Service lady was a Nazi in disguise.

She refused to give her name, and behaved in the most unconscionable way, knowing her behavior was off the charts rude and grounds for dismissal. She was even more rude than Andre Giles and the black-haired perfume spritzer I’d dealt with downstairs. I will describe her: imagine your grandma but with the meanest eyes you’ve ever seen, covered in heavy makeup and eyeliner, wearing a bright red satin blouse, just spitting fire and fury, and you’ve got her. Oh, and give grandma shoulder length auburn/brown dyed hair, circa 1968, and take away her soul and you have this lady.

Go to Dillard’s while you’re holiday shopping and stop in on the second floor “Gift Wrapping” to say hi to her. She’s real. Upset that her tantrums would not deter me, she not only refused to refund my money as the fake manager, Andre’ Giles had said she’d do (he sat there, smirking and refused to help during this!), she attempted to humiliate me, repeatedly. Finding I would not leave without my refund, she actually picked up the phone and pretended to call for security!

Honestly- this could and probably will happen to you if you decide to make a return there. I left, called William Dillard II (he was, shockingly, unavailable) and then called the Wiregrass Dillard’s, asking the operator SPECIFICALLY for the General Manager of the store. Spoiler: Mr. Andre’ Giles is NOT the GM!

No one seems to know his title.I did speak to the Asst. Manager, Jenny Barreto, and she was weaselly and non-committal. She offered no apologies for her employees’ behavior, and stated she didn’t know when if ever, the actual Manger of the store would return. Jenny promised to “take care of” my refund, but just as she was going to do that-SURPRISE!- we were disconnected!

I finally called her and was told, “Jenny is on the phone” but she’d “call me back”. Days later I’m still waiting. 24 hours later, I received a call from the district manager, Gene Heil. Intent on “circling the wagons” to protect his errant employees against Dillard’s loyal customers.

Nordstrom is the bomb. Go there.

They care about their customers and sell great merchandise. Otherwise, do like everyone else- Amazon.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dillards Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Usual lady at clarins the sweet one with the brunette hair.

I didn't like: Return taking three hours dealing with sadistic idiots.

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