I recently went to the handbag dept. at Dillards, No. Star Mall, San Antonio to browse, looking for a handbag I needed, when all of a sudden, I heard a loud voice bark, "can I help you?" When I turned around , it was a tall gray-haired man with a gray mustache and glasses who proceeded to be rude in his body language and demeanor as though he was annoyed I was looking at the handbags. I should say, I was dressed in a clean, carefully chosen, dress-casual outfit so I did not look like anything that should have alarmed him. I also was minding my own business, and did not do anything that should have called attention to myself.

After that incident, I quickly left that dept., as well as the store, as his attitude put me in a bad mood to the point I no longer wanted to shop.

Also, afterword I said to myself, (although this may sound sexist, I don't mean it that way), what is a MALE clerk doing in a female dept. such as handbags? Also, a male who is so cold, rude, and crude. I don't know about other females, but I much prefer shopping in female depts. with female help, not the other way around as long as they are also polite.

Last, across the board, I find that Dillards has some of the coldest, rudest, unhelpful, most arrogant sales help (with very few exceptions) of any dept. store I have visited in the past. I have received better treatment as stores such as Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus both of which are higher-end stores than Dillards. Dillards really needs to work on their sales staffs' customer relations as it sure needs to seriously improve if they want to compete with other dept. stores.

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Reno, Nevada, United States #882053

You ***. Female associates are in men's departments all the time. Why can't men be in women's departments?


Maybe that is how he speaks. Sounds like you totaly overreacted!

And the sexist comments about men working in handbags...wow! Lady, i have a suggestion: buy the book Retail *** by Freeman Hall. It is about the experiences of a man who worked in handbags at either Saks Fifth or Nordstrom, can't remember which.

Mr. Hall could address your put.

to Anonymous #807701

Posted prematurely. Anyway, what I was saying is read Retail *** by Freeman Hall and it will enlightened you highly about men in handbags and hopefully it will change your attitude. Have a good day.


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Very sexist. I don't think you should post sexist things.

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