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Bought a coat online - too big. Went to local Dillards to return and order a smaller size. Saleswoman unable to access items available online. Manager (on phone to saleswoman) told me to reorder the item online (and pay another $8.50 to deliver the smaller size.) Not happy, but if that's the way it is...I guess I won't reorder.

Refund was 69 cents less than I calculated because they TAXED the $8.50 shipping charge for the online order. I have never seen any company tax a shipping or handling charge. Is that legal?

Chincy way to do business. Have to find a way to spend refund there; after that I will not buy there again.

On the plus side, the saleswoman was patient and gracious despite the fact that the manager was obviously knocking me to her on the phone.

Monetary Loss: $9.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #813195

Yes, charging tax on shipping is not only legal but required in many states.

"Dillard's Inc.

operates in 29 states throughout the U.S. Current law requires us to collect all state taxes that are applicable, based on the order's "ship to" address.

Be advised that some states require a tax on the delivery and/or gift wrap charges, as well. All applicable taxes will be clearly displayed on your order at order completion time."

Dixon, California, United States #813147

Why would you expect to not be charged shipping? You ordered the coat and they shipped you what you ordered.

Not their fault you ordered the wrong size. Of course there is a tax for shipping, it's a service.

When you get your hair done you pay tax, because it's a service. I definitely side with the company on this one.


If you pay attention when you order something you will see that thye list the total of the merchandise, then they add on shipping/handling, and then the complete total. It has been that way for years, and sometimes you come across a company that offers free shipping.

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